Worker Killed While Loading Dozer

While working alone, an equipment operator was killed when the dozer he was loading onto a float tipped over and crushed him.

The operator was trying to load the dozer onto a tilt-up float. When the dozer reached the top of the ramps, its tracks started to spin on the float platform, causing the dozer to shift. The right track slipped off the side of the ramp and the dozer flipped over. The operator fell out of the cab and was crushed by the dozer as it rolled onto its side.

WorkSafeNB’s investigation revealed the following:

  • The float tilt-pin had not been removed, therefore the operator was trying to load the dozer onto the un-tilted float.
  • Another piece of equipment had already been loaded onto the float, but had not been secured.
  • The operator was not wearing a seatbelt.
  • The cleats on the float ramps were bent and the dozer pads were worn.

Recommended Preventive Action

  • Tilt-up floats should be tilted while loading equipment. The tilt top tag-a-long model float is designed to be unpinned before the loading of equipment. By removing the pin, the entire float tilts until its rear touches the ground, reducing the incline of the ramps by half so equipment can be safely loaded.
  • Equipment already loaded on the float should be chained and secured. This allows the float to be safely tilted for the loading of subsequent equipment without any shifting.
  • Equipment must be kept in good condition, ramp cleats repaired and dozer pads replaced when worn.
  • Operators must wear their seatbelt when operating powered mobile equipment so they remain inside the cab’s protective structure in case of an accident.
  • It is recommended that a second person guide the operator during loading.
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