Worker dies because of lack of supervision and unguarded conveyor

A young New Brunswick worker died of his injuries after his leg was pulled into a conveyor at a wood pellet plant. WorkSafeNB’s investigation revealed that the conveyor had broken down twice in the days before the accident; during the repair a guard was removed and was not replaced.

The young man was cleaning the conveyor on a night shift and was not told that the conveyor’s guard was removed during the day shift. Because the area was poorly lit, combined with poor housekeeping, the worker could not see that the guard was missing and was pulled into the moving conveyor.

The employer was charged for violating section 9(2)(c.3) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act for failing to provide the necessary supervision.

   WorkSafeNB determined the primary causes of the incident to be:

   Recommended Actions to Prevent Similar Incidents from Happening:

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