Slips and Trips on Arena Ice Surfaces

An employee at a municipal arena was helping a co-worker flood the ice surface when he slipped and struck his head, sustaining a concussion.

The injured worker had moved the hockey nets to the boards to allow the ice resurfacer to pass over and flood the ice. While returning the net to the goal area, the worker lost his footing and fell backwards onto the clean ice, striking his head and rendering himself unconscious. The hockey net subsequently fell on him. He was transported by ambulance to hospital.

Recommended Preventive Action

Employers should develop a procedure to address the risk of slips, trips and falls when employees are required to work on arena ice surfaces.

The procedure should include a provision for arena workers to wear protective headwear approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and proper anti-slip footwear when working on ice surfaces.

January 2012

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