Sharing the Workplace with Industrial Lift Trucks

In New Brunswick, incidents involving pedestrians and lift trucks (forklifts) have resulted in serious injuries and deaths. To prevent these incidents, operators and pedestrians have to safely share the workplace.

Recommended Preventive Action


  • Assume the operator does not see you.
  • Make eye contact before proceeding into the traffic path.
  • Be visible when working in the same area; wear a high visibility safety vest.
  • Use designated paths for pedestrians.
  • Stay at a safe distance from the lift truck. It is important to remember that lift trucks don’t move like other vehicles.


  • Be trained and competent to operate the truck.
  • Ensure horn, mirrors, backup alarms/flashing lights are working.
  • Be mindful of pedestrians, other trucks/vehicles and pedestrian paths.

WorkSafeNB’s online Guide to OHS Legislation has more information on safe work with industrial lift trucks:

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