Safe Practices for Product Delivery

Dangers of Product Delivery

Delivery personnel are exposed to a variety of hazards in the many diverse workplaces where they make deliveries. These hazards are often unique and may be unknown to the delivering personnel.

Recommended Preventive Action

Delivery personnel, their employers and the delivery sites all have a shared responsibility to ensure health and safety.

Delivery Personnel

  • Be alert to hazardous situations.
  • Request further directions or orientation as needed.
  • Report any hazards to your employer.
  • Refuse the work if you believe that it is likely to endanger your safety.


  • Be aware of the hazardous situations to which your employees are exposed.
  • Speak to employees about health and safety, and visit delivery sites with them.
  • Report any concerns you have to the delivery site, and put this in writing.

Delivery Sites

  • Ensure that your workplace is safe not only for your employees, but also for the delivery personnel.

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