Rebar Safety

A construction worker was covering a load on a five- ton truck with a tarp and stepped on the vehicle’s side rails to pull the tarp from the front to the rear of the truck. He then jumped backwards from the side rails of the vehicle, landing on a concrete rebar. The ¾ inch rebar, which extended approximately four feet from the ground, impaled the employee, penetrating a distance of approximately 10 inches, chipping his tailbone.

Anyone working around rebar sticks should be aware of the risks and take necessary safety measures. Unless the risk of impalement is eliminated, workers should not be allowed to work above rebar sticks.

Recommended Preventive Action

To prevent workers from accidental impalement, a number of approaches can be used:

  • The rebar can be bent from the top. (Figure A)
  • Boards or similar devices can cover the rebar.
  • Rebar caps can be used to minimize impalement risks. (Figure B)

Only rebar caps designed to provide impalement protection, such as plated caps, should be used.

Mushroom caps can be used from protection against scratches and other minor harm, but should not be used for impalement protection.

Figure A

Figure B

April 2013

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