Powered Mobile Equipment Kills

Recent Accidents

A 59-year-old woman was fatally injured when run over by a potato harvester; a road construction worker was killed when he slipped under a bulldozer.

Many workers are killed or suffer serious injuries when working around powered mobile equipment. There are also many close calls that are either ignored or not taken seriously. These accidents are easily preventable. They often result from a lack of training or the development of complacency. Never forget that working with and around powered mobile equipment can be dangerous!

Recommended Preventive Action

1. Workers

  • Ensure you have established eye contact with the operator before walking around powered mobile equipment.
  • Learn to identify danger zones and stay clear of them.
  • Be alert; keep an eye out for yourself and your co-workers.
  • Report close calls and unsafe conditions to your supervisor.

2. Operators

  • Always complete a 360-degree visual check before operating equipment.
  • Be careful of blind spots and get a signaller if your view is obstructed.
  • Check that all safety guards and devices are in place, especially the audible back-up alarms.
  • Apply the “no extra riders” rule.
  • Use your seatbelt and wear hearing protection, when required by General Regulation 91-191.
  • Drive safely.

3. Supervisors, Employers and Owners

  • Ensure operators are competent in the use of powered mobile equipment, based on their knowledge, training and experience.
  • Review training regularly – never assume that a worker knows how to operate and work around equipment safely.
  • Ensure the equipment is properly maintained – guards, brakes, and back-up alarms should be checked regularly.
  • Ensure that safety devices are not de-activated and that seatbelts are worn when required by General Regulation 91-191.
  • Pay attention to safety concerns and particularly to close calls; taking appropriate action can save a life.

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