Blind Spots on Dump Trucks Create Dangerous Situations

In October 2017 an employee was killed when the operator of a dump truck failed to see him in front of his vehicle while driving. WorkSafeNB reminds operators, contractors, employers and employees of the hazards created by blind spots in heavy equipment.

One of the leading causes of worker injuries and deaths on highways and in construction zones is being struck by heavy equipment, primarily dump trucks. Many people think that the greater risk is a driver who breaches barricades and strikes construction workers but, the reality is that most workers are actually struck by construction vehicles.

Blind spots can limit the field of vision available to an operator. These blind spots are the areas around the vehicle that cannot be seen by either direct line-of-sight or indirectly by using mirrors.

Actions for Employees and Pedestrians:

  • Assume the operator does not see you
  • Maintain eye contact with the operator
  • Wear high visibility clothing
  • Stay alert
  • Use designated paths for pedestrians
  • Stay at a safe distance from heavy equipment

Actions for Employers:

  • Ensure operators are competent
  • Ensure dump truck is properly maintained
  • Ensure safe paths are designated for pedestrians
  • Ensure employees wear high visibility clothing and remain on designated paths

Actions for Operators:

  • Be competent to operate the heavy equipment
  • Ensure horn, mirrors, backup alarm, flashing light and other safety equipment are working
  • Be mindful of pedestrians, other vehicles and pedestrians paths

Operator’s blind spots

And remember - if you can’t see the operator, they can’t see you!

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