June 2009

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JHSC 3-day Training

July 7-9, 2009
Fredericton (E), Saint John (E), Shippagan (F)

July 21-23, 2009
Woodstock (E)

August 11-13, 2009
Saint John (E)

August 25-27, 2009 
Miramichi (E), Saint-Léonard (F)

E  indicates workshops given in English
indicates workshops given in French

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1 800 222-9775  
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Did you know

The fines for speeding in construction and school zones have doubled. Slow down! If you’re caught speeding in these zones you could face a minimum fine of $280.


Stakeholder Profile

Shirley Goguen is back to work and can’t say enough about her treatment at the WRC. Click here to read her story.


June is...
Stroke Awareness Month
ALS Awareness Month

June 28-30
Safety 2009
San Antonio, Texas

August 9-13
AASCIF 2009 Annual Conference
Portland, ME

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WorkSafeNB is excited to host Nick Perry as this year’s plenary speaker. Nick has become a passionate advocate for safety training since breaking his back in a forklift accident at the age of 19. He is featured in the graphic video, Lost Youth, encouraging parents, employers, workers and communities to make sure young people know how to be safe on the job. Following the conference, from September 18-25, Nick will tour New Brunswick, sharing his story and the importance of safety training. For more information on Nick’s tour dates, contact Perley Brewer at 1 800 222-9775, or email at perley.brewer@ws-ts.nb.ca:

NBCC/CCNB and WorkSafeNB partner to deliver health and safety training to thousands of students    

A new partnership between WorkSafeNB and the New Brunswick Community College network is to ensure that every one of the NBCC and CCNB’s students develop occupational health and safety as an essential skill, necessary to graduate from any one of its programs.

The two organizations began collaborating in 2007 to develop a curriculum that will include a minimum of 14 hours of health and safety education, to be delivered beginning September 2009.

Nadine Edwards, a learning design consultant with NBCC, said the initiative was prompted by feedback from both employers and past graduates.

“We worked with WorkSafeNB in the past, but were not aware of all the services they provided. Before, we thought the role of health and safety education belonged more with industry. We’ve since realized we all share responsibility for ensuring students enter the workforce properly trained, and are committed to making occupational health a safety a priority in all our programs. We want to ensure that every one of our students starting a new job know their rights, risks and responsibilities when it comes to workplace safety.

“While health and safety was emphasized in programs where hazards were obvious, such as those where chemicals or machinery are used, we didn’t thoroughly understand the importance of health and safety training in non-traditional areas,” she said. “Injuries can just as likely occur in an office setting, where eye strain, repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), and musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) are a real concern. The same number of challenges and risks exist across any profession, and although the hazards are of different types and degrees, the outcome is still the same.” Click here to continue.

WorkSafeNB to host 3rd Annual Progressive Agriculture Safety Days

WorkSafeNB, specifically the northwest region, is proud to host Progressive Agriculture Safety Days™ for the third year.

The agriculture industry is high risk – especially to youth and new workers. The Canadian Agriculture Injury Surveillance Program has found that machinery entanglement alone accounts for 18.5% of all injuries that require hospitalization.


“It is our hope that through fun and educational days such as these, those risks will decrease and one day be a thing of the past,” said Angela Acott-Smith, assistant regional director, of WorkSafeNB’s northwest region. “By teaching children at a young age the importance of safety we trust they will continue the practices into their adult lives. We need to change the way people think. We have to create a culture that will no longer accept workplace accidents as inevitable, but rather unacceptable!”


Progressive Agriculture Safety Day, originally founded by the Progressive Farmer Foundation in the U.S. in 1995, provides training and resources to local communities. The fun, hands-on approach helps children learn about the hazards and potentially deadly outcomes of unsafe behaviour on the farm, in their communities, and at home. Click here to continue.

Ask Us
Q: I am a building contractor, installing roof trusses. What is the best method of fall protection for my workers?

John Smith*

Moncton, NB


*Name has been changed for privacy purposes. 


A: Since fall protection and safety measures are specific to your jobsite and building, only someone qualified to design, install, and use fall protection systems and who is authorized to have any problems corrected should determine the appropriate method of fall protection for your workers.


Serious injuries and deaths have occurred when workers used a single truss as an anchorage point for their fall arrest system. Trusses are not designed to resist lateral impact loads; a falling worker attached to a single truss could cause all the trusses on the structure to collapse in a domino effect.


One option is using a scaffolding system equipped with a guardrail as a fall protection system. Please see (Section 131 to 140 of General Regulation 91-191). Another option is to completely sheath, restrain and brace a group of trusses, and using a roof anchor and fall arrest system. You can also pre-assemble a section of trusses–sheath, restrain and brace a group of trusses on the ground–and use this pre-assembled section as a tie-off point once it has been set in place.

Click here to see a poster on fall protection and trusses.

(Source: Structural Buildings and Components Association and Truss Plate Institute)

For more information on fall protection, call WorkSafeNB’s Chief Compliance Office at 1 800 222-9775.

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Hazard Alert: Employees Working from Heights Need Fall Protection

Poster: Choose Fall Protection for the Job

Interpretation: Free fall of more than 1.2 metres


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Subscription contest winner announced
Congratulations to our subscription contest winner, John Watson, a planer supervisor with J.D. Irving in Doaktown. John has won a free registration to our 2009 Health and Safety Conference and a WorkSafeNB sling bag.

Thanks to all new and current subscribers for entering. And please remember, if you have an idea for a story or a question for Ask Us, contact editor@ws-ts.nb.ca, with E-News in the subject field.

Recent Accident Reports

Date of Accident:

May 20, 2009

Injury Type:  

Nail in thigh




Electrical contractor / Pallet maker 



Notes: :



Worker was using a nail gun to build pallets. His finger was on the trigger of the nail gun, and when he reached for a board that had fallen, the trigger released, shooting a nail into his thigh.


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Programme de formation pour les membres du comité mixte d’hygiène et de sécurité (3 jours) 

Du 7 au 9 juillet 2009 
Fredericton (en anglais), Saint John (en anglais) et Shippagan (en français)

Du 21 au 23 juillet 2009
Woodstock (en anglais)

Du 11 au 13 août 2009 
Saint John (en anglais) 

Du 25 au 27 août 2009 
Miramichi (en anglais) et Saint-Léonard (en français)