July 2009

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JHSC 3-day Training

July 21-23, 2009
Woodstock (E)

July 28-30, 2009
Quispamsis (E)

August 11-13, 2009
Saint John (E)

August 25-27, 2009 
Miramichi (E), Saint-Léonard (F)

September 15-17, 2009
Dalhousie (F), Edmundston (F), Moncton (E), Saint John (E)

September 22-24, 2009

Fredericton (E), Perth (E), Quispamsis (E)

E  indicates workshops given in English
indicates workshops given in French

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Did you know

In 2008, WorkSafeNB’s investigation unit conducted 271 investigations, resulting in present and future claim cost savings in excess of $1.4 million. For more statistics like these, and for information on our services see our 2008 Repot to Stakeholders.




August 9-13
AASCIF 2009 Annual Conference
Portland, ME

September 27-29
WorkSafeNB Annual Health and Safety Conference
Saint John, N.B

September 30-October 3 13th Annual Health Work & Wellness Conference 2009 Taking Care of Business Gatineau, Que

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Conference spotlight

Have you ever wondered how New Brunswick’s regulations apply to your workplace?


If so, then join us at WorkSafeNB’s Annual Health and Safety Conference for the interactive session, How To Apply NB Regulations to Your Workplace. This session will discuss the General Regulations, WHMIS Regulations, First Aid Regulations and Working Alone Regulations and show you how these apply to every workplace, including yours.

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Don’t turn a blind eye to sun hazards – protect your vision    

Working outdoors in the hot summer sun may seem like a dream job, but it could prove hazardous to your health without the proper precautions. And while most people protect their skin with sunscreen and protective clothing, many are not aware of the danger that ultraviolet (UV) light poses to the eyes.


“It’s not just your skin that’s at risk from UV light,” said Robert Sgrosso, an occupational hygienist with WorkSafeNB. “UV light can cause serious damage to your eyes, including cataracts, pterygium (a growth that invades the corner of the eyes), and macular degeneration.”


Though the risk may be great, the solution is simple. And it can also be stylish.


“Sunglasses are the greatest form of protection for your eyes,” Sgrosso said, adding to take care when choosing sunglasses.


“The price or lens colour is not necessarily an indication of the amount of protection. You don’t have to spend a bundle on sunglasses; the important thing is that they block 99-100% of both UVA and UVB light,” he said.


However, Sgrosso cautions that sunglasses with the highest degree of protection might not be the best for driving. General purpose sunglasses that block from 60-92% of visible light and UVA rays and between 95-99% of UVB rays are best for driving.


When choosing sunglasses, you should look for lenses that are a medium dark grey, green or brown, and ensure they fit snugly. Plastic lenses are less likely to shatter but scratch more easily, so buy those with a scratch-resistant coating. The wraparound style of sunglasses are recommended for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, to prevent sunlight from entering the eyes from the side. continued 

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day™ in Saint Basile draws over 300 students

On June 11, approximately 300 Grade 5 students, representing 10 schools in District 3, participated in a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day™, hosted by WorkSafeNB at Édifice Maillet in Saint Basile.


This year marked the third year Progressive Agriculture Safety Days were held in New Brunswick.


These safety days promote safety at school, at home, on the road and near the water through fun, age-appropriate and hands-on activities. Students are divided into small groups supervised by an adult or teen leader, who help them rotate through stations on topics such as chemical safety, lawn equipment safety, tractor safety, fire safety, railroad safety and water safety.


This year’s focus was on summer safety, and featured a new camping safety station that engaged children in teamwork activities. 


“The kids respond better with a hands-on approach, and we were happy to increase interactive learning at the booths this year,” said Lisa Waugh, an education consultant with WorkSafeNB and the Safety Day co-ordinator. “The kids loved exploring the interior of an ambulance and making their own UV bracelets, which they tested throughout the day,” she said. Other highlights included the tractor and lawn tractor safety booth, where the students used reaction time sticks to measure reaction time in the event of an accident. “And, as always, our mascot, Stella the Safety Skunk, was a huge hit with the kids.”


WorkSafeNB would like to thank the many guardians, teachers and volunteers who helped make this day a success. 

“This event is becoming extremely popular, with numbers growing every year. We’re looking forward to our next Safety Day on September 15 in Florenceville, for Grade 5 students in District 14. Two additional schools have signed on for that event, increasing the number of students by more than 50 over last year,” Waugh said.

To view pictures click here.

For more information on the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program, visit http://www.progressiveag.org/.

Ask Us
Q: What are we required to have posted in the workplace? There are various companies out there trying to sell posters of "required information" none of them are the same. What do we really need to do?

John Smith*

Moncton, NB


*Name has been changed for privacy purposes. 


A: The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act requires the employer to post a copy of the OHS Act and regulations, which include regulations 91-191, 88-221, 2004-130 and 92-133. In addition, the Frst Aid Regulation requires you to post an emergency communication plan and the names of your trained first aiders. You also need to post the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) minutes and the names of the JHSC members, as well as any reports a WorkSafeNB health and safety officer may leave at your workplace.